See You in CCU

A Lighthearted Tale of My Open-Heart Surgery

Steve Ludwig

“The rest of the vein grafts were completed. All told, there were five bypasses. A sixth artery could have been tended to also, but it was only 60 percent clogged, so it was left alone. I always feel sorry for that artery number 6; he probably feels left out. Perhaps someday, you too shall be bypassed, number 6 guy, and your worrying will not have been in vein—uh, I mean, vain.”

From a snippet of how a rib cage is “sawed apart” to tales of the reluctant catheter, See You In CCU. cleverly infuses witty lines, playful puns and humor to the supposedly somber mood of someone who has to go through sleepless nights of pain, being constipated for more than a week, and living through a few tubes stuck in every orifice one could imagine.

As one sifts through page after page, you shall appreciate Ludwig’s high-keyed keenness with life itself and piquant joie de vivre!

See You in CCU – A Lighthearted Tale of My Open-Heart Surgery is the true story of open-heart surgery survivor Steve Ludwig’s harrowing ordeal. Told in witty, pun-filled yet poignant style, it is an inspiring account of one man’s triumph over heart disease.



Book Reviews

“Five stars!!” –

“Sweet, funny, and touching…” –

“It is an amazingly realistic yet funny way to realize exactly what your loved ones may be going through before, during, and after the surgery.” –

“In a word – BRILLIANT!” –

“Wasn’t expecting it to be SO funny, but I cried laughing several times.” -

“…should be in all cardiologists’ office waiting rooms and read in medical schools throughout the country.” –

“Steve sees the humor in open-heart surgery while telling all his fears and foibles.” –






















Steve’s second book, FEELING WELL ~ SURVIVING LIFE AND STUPID PUNS,will be published in the Fall of 2013…He survived spinal disk surgery and full knee replacement. He survived 50 years of Beatlemania. He survived 37 years of teaching. He survived TV and radio shows promoting his first book…And that’s only four chapters of the book! More fun! More silliness! More lightheartedness from everyone’s favorite quintuple open-heart bypass surgery survivor!!